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Rethinking Health: FAQ

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How long will the course take?

We expect that on average the course takes roughly 30-40 hours to complete. In addition to reading, the exercises require much time.

You can do the course at your own pace, but we recommend trying to finish in 6 weeks (in our experience, having a deadline makes it more likely students will finish the course).

What percentage of the questions need to go right to complete the course?


Can I get a certificate for passing this course

Yes you can. You have passed the course after you have answered all the questions and get at least 60% of them correct.

I want to share my Rethinking health learning stories on social media. Which tags and handles should I use?

#minnalearn and #rethinkinghealth
Would be great to hear your story!

How can I get 2 ECTS credits?

Open University of University of Helsinki:

Once you have completed the course and received your certificate, You can apply for 2 ECTS credits through the Open University of the University of Helsinki.

In the field Your email address on the MOOC course, enter the same email address that you used to complete the course. Otherwise, we can't verify that you have completed the course.

Applying for the credits is possible until 30.09.2025.

You can apply for the ECTS credits if you meet one of the following criteria:
You have a Finnish personal identity number (format:, OR
you are a student at the University of Helsinki, OR
you are a student at a HAKA member institution.

The credits will be registered in the University of Helsinki study register after you have successfully completed the course by receiving the certificate and enrolled through the Open University.
You can view your registered credits through the My Studyinfo service. You can login to the service with a Finnish online banking account.
The credits will be registered once a month, during the month following the enrollment. (E.g. if you complete the course and enroll in September, your credits will be registered during October.)

If you have questions related e.g. to the enrolling or registering process, you can find the contact info through the course page.

Students from other educational establishments:

Contact you school to enquire if you can apply for the ECTS credits from them.

Updated on: 02/05/2024

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