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Reaktor Education becomes MinnaLearn

Reaktor Education becomes MinnaLearn

When we at Reaktor Education set out to launch Elements of AI with the University of Helsinki in 2018, we couldn’t foresee what was coming up. Four years, ten courses, and 800 000 students later, we have clearly demonstrated the need for accessible online learning designed for the 99%, not just the privileged few.

The Education team at Reaktor has grown from an aspiring initiative to a viable company to stand on its own. Our team, our product, and our partnerships will move to MinnaLearn, a brand new company. This will unlock the opportunity for us to fully focus on building the next stage of online learning for the future of work.

You can read more about MinnaLearn and sign up for our courses at

How this affects you

Besides the new MinnaLearn brand, we are not introducing any drastic changes right now. We are still the same team, just twice as motivated, building learning experiences for a more equitable, skilled, and enjoyable future of work.

From now on, MinnaLearn will be responsible for storing your data and your course certificates. We have updated our Privacy Policy accordingly.

Updated on: 14/07/2022

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